Transfer Credit


Transfer Credit Guidelines

The AB in psych normally requires a total of 12 courses.  At least 6 of these courses must be taken at Brown;  this must include at least 3 in the core distribution, a seminar, and a lab.   

The ScB normally requires a total of 17 courses (11 + 6 supporting science courses).  At least 8 of these courses must be taken at Brown; this must include at least 3 in the core distribution, a seminar, a lab, and directed research.

Each concentration advisor (AB, ScB) handles transfer credit questions for their advisees.  

Students who have questions about transfer credit, but who are not Psychology concentrators, should contact Prof. Wright.

The detailed policy on transfer credit from the Dean of the College is described here.  Forms you will need to complete are in the same document.  The 2012 form for revising a previously approved transfer credit is here.

Policy on Credit for the required Statistics course (CLPS 0900).

Concentrators should take their statistics course no later than the fall semester of their junior year.  Failure to do so does not mean that a request for transfer or substitute credit will be evaluated more leniently.   Note the following policies:
1.  We do not grant credit for AP statistics, regardless of score.  This is a firm Departmental policy; concentration advisors cannot make exceptions.   The policy applies to both concentrators and non-concentrators.  
2.  Students who want a quantitative course that is more advanced than CLPS0900 should take AMPA165.  Students who get a passing grade in the latter course will receive concentration credit in statistics.  
3.  Other quantitative courses at Brown may or may not satisfy the quantitative requirement for the Psychology concentration.  To be considered for concentration credit, the alternate course must cover concepts and methods that are relevant to the psychological sciences, including but not limited to hypothesis testing, sampling distributions, ANOVA, regression, correlation, and methods for categorical data.  

4. A syllabus must be provided with the request for transfer or substitute credit.  If the concentration advisors cannot determine whether credit is appropriate, the syllabus will be provided to the instructors in CLPS0900 for their assessment.  

Other Transfer Credit Issues

1. Concentration advisors review requests for transfer credit only for students enrolled at Brown.  We cannot pre-approve courses for transfer credit prior to admission.

2. All requests for transfer credit must be accompanied by a transfer credit request form and a complete syllabus for the course taken at the other institution. A link (url) to a website is NOT acceptable for this purpose.

3. If a syllabus is not available in English, the student should provide a translation. The concentration advisor will provide details on which sections need to be translated. 

4. Requests for transfer credit will be processed within two weeks; students should not expect immediate responses to their requests, as it is often necessary to consult with faculty who teach the relevant course at Brown. 


Jack Wright,
Oct 3, 2012, 8:33 AM
Jack Wright,
Oct 3, 2012, 8:33 AM