Policies and Procedures

Communications with Concentration Advisors

1. You should take advantage of all material on the CLPS site and this site before contacting your advisor.   Always check these sites for relevant information before contacting your AB or ScB concentration advisor, as they are frequently updated.

2. You should attend any group meetings that are scheduled for AB or ScB concentrators.  These meetings will be posted on the calendar.  If you miss a meeting, you should check this site for materials that were distributed in the meeting and/or for minutes of the meeting. 

3. For straightforward questions that can be easily stated in an email, contact your advisor as follows:

     a. Put "Concentration" in the subject line. If you don't do this, your email may not get read.
     b. State the question as briefly as possible.  
     c. Attach any necessary documents.  
     d. Allow at least two workdays for a response.    

4. As far as possible, keep all related emails in one "conversation" or thread so that your advisor can review your emails when necessary.  Do not expect your advisor to retrieve information for you (e.g., a course number you are inquiring about); rather, provide the essential information in your query.  
5. Email may not be effective for complicated, multi-part questions.  For such questions, you should speak to your concentration advisor during one of their regularly scheduled office hours.  These office hours are posted on the calendar.   If you need your advisor to review any materials, provide them by email at least 2 days before the meeting.

Double Concentrations

Students interested in double concentrations should review relevant University policies, which can be found through the Registrar's website.  

Brown's current policy states that no more than two courses can overlap in the concentrations.  For more information on this rule, which is from the Dean of the College, please go here.


Concentration advisors work as a team, and in many cases will consult with one another before making a decision on concentration plans, transfer credit, and so on.   Decisions by one concentration advisor cannot be appealed by going to another.  

Decisions by one of the concentration advisors in Psychology can be appealed by asking for a review by the full advising committee, which consists of all concentration advisors 
in CLPS (Cognitive Science, Linguistics, & Psychology).  This is done by notifying your advisor, who will forward the question to the full committee, which meets monthy.