The Honors Program in the Psychology concentration with the CLPS Department gives undergraduates a special opportunity to carry out an empirical research project under the direction of a faculty member.  Participation in the program allows students to develop an understanding of research and acquire research skills and background. The program also provides the opportunity for outstanding senior concentrators to receive their undergraduate degree with Honors in Psychology. We strongly encourage all qualified A.B. and Sc.B. concentrators to consider the Honors Program.

The research project should be developed by the student in consultation with his or her faculty sponsor during or prior to the student's sixth semester. This allows the sponsor and student a chance to set up a summer research program and/or a reading list before the summer break. A project proposal is submitted to the Psychology Department for approval early in the student’s 7th semester. The research is to be completed in time for an honors thesis to be written and an oral examination to be taken at the end of the eighth semester. 

Interested students should review the CLPS description of the Honors Program, which provides qualified students an opportunity to conduct research with a member of the CLPS faculty.  Students should also review the application form, which provides further details on requirements and deadlines.

Honors Theses are available in Michelle Ross' office in Hunter Lab.  Electronic copies of theses will be posted soon on this website.