Questions of general interest are asked and answered here.      

Q: Can a course from a department other than CLPS be used to satisfy the seminar requirement?

A: Only CLPS courses can satisfy this requirement.  Please see the list of current course offerings for approved seminars.

Q: I am going to study abroad.  How can I find out if a course I would like to take might qualify for transfer credit?

A:  You will need to give the advisor in charge of transfer credit a copy of the syllabus.  Currently this person is the AB concentration advisor (Prof. Wright).   You will also need to identify the course or courses in the CLPS department that you think correspond most closely to the course you intend to take abroad.  Email this information to Prof. Wright and/or go to his advising office hours, which are listed on the Calendar on this website.

Q: How can I meet with the AB or ScB Concentration Advisor?

A: Check the Contacts and Calendar pages; office hours and locations are posted there. 

Q: How can I find out what courses are offered next semester?

A: Check the Current Course Offerings page. 

Q: How can I find out what courses count as seminars?

A: Check the Current Course Offerings page.

Q: I had to change my concentration plan. How do I get it approved?

A: Email your concentration and explain the change.  In most cases, you will need to resubmit your concentration worksheet online.  You must submit the entire plan.  If your Concentration Declaration on ASK has already been approved, you will need to revise your courselist.  Your advisor will need to re-approve your declaration.  

Note: Most students make several changes to their worksheet between their first submission and when they graduate.  For example, you may plan to take a course in your senior year, but it is not offered for some reason.  When you see that a revision is needed, resubmit your AB worksheet; the new submission will get logged and I can track all of the changes you have made.  When you are ready for me to preview your revisions, email me.  As you approach your 8th semester, you will also revise your ASK submission.  All courses there will match what you listed in your worksheet and will also match the courses listed in your transcript.

Q: I took psychology courses before psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics merged into CLPS.   I don't see the old course number on the online AB concentration form (e.g., PY009 isn't listed).  Is this a problem?

A:   If the 'same' course is listed as a CLPS course, select it.  For example, PY009 now equals CLPS0090.  If the 'same' course is   
not listed, enter the course under "other" using the old psychology number and name.  Contact the AB advisor if you have problems with this approach.

Q: Can CLPS 1080C be used to satisfy the seminar requirement?

A: Yes.

Q: I filed for my concentration using the Registrar's paper forms.  I need to make a change.  What do I do?

Please Note: Students who have already declared a concentration with the Registrar using the paper form must revise that concentration and add additional concentrations by using the paper form.  That form can be found here:  

If you have not already declared a concentration using this form, please use the online declaration form via the 'Concentrations' tab at https://apps.college.brown.edu/ask/

Jack Wright,
Sep 3, 2012, 7:13 AM