Dima Amso - Cognitive developmental neuroscience of attention and learning

James Anderson - Neural modeling of Cognitive Processes

David Badre - Cognitive neuroscience of memory and executive function

Sheila Blumstein - Speech and lexical processing, cognitive neuroscience of language

Rebecca Burwell - Neural bases of memory and attention

Mary Carskadon - Neurobiology of sleep in children and adolescence

Russell Church - Computational, cognitive, and neural basis of interval timing

Ruth Colwill - Animal behavior

Fiery Cushman - Social Cognition and Neuroscience

Fulvio Domini - Computational vision

Michael Frank - Computational modeling, neural mechanisms of learning

Cynthia Garcia Coll (Education) - Race and ethnicity, sociocultural influences on child development

William Heindel - Neuropsychology of memory & attention, Alzheimer’s disease

Pauline Jacobson - Syntax/Semantics interface, formal semantics, syntactic theory

Laura Kertz - Processing and interpretation of verb phrase ellipsis

Joachim Krueger - Social cognition, self-perception, social categorization, stereotyping

Philip Lieberman - Evolution and nature of biological bases of language and thought

Bertram F. Malle - Social cognition, theory of mind, explanations, moral judgment

James Morgan - Language acquisition, infant speech perception, psycholinguistics

Thomas Serre - Computational models of biological and machine vision

Andrea Simmons - Neural mechanisms of sound communication; neural development & regeneration

Steven Sloman - Causal reasoning, decision making, categorization

David Sobel - Children’s causal reasoning, theory of mind, cognitive development

Joo-Hyun Song - Visually-guided action, attention, and memory

Kathryn Spoehr - Human problem solving and reasoning, computer-based learning

William Warren - Visual perception, visual control of action, spatial navigation

Leslie Welch - Visual perception, motion perception, perceptual learning

Jack Wright - Personality, individual differences, developmental psychopathology