The Psychology AB/ScB Concentration Website  (2011-2014) 

This is the AB/ScB Psychology advising website used from 2011-2013.  As of Sept 20, 2014, please go here to visit the new website.  If the link does not work, copy the URL into your browser:

The Psychology concentrations have a long and distinguished history at Brown.  Before the recent merger of Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Science into the CLPS department, the AB and ScB in Psychology were the only ones within the Psychology department.  The AB and ScB in Psychology are now part of the larger CLPS Department, which also includes concentrations in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics.  Since the creation of the CLPS department and the renovation of Metcalf, the number of faculty has grown, course offerings have diversified, and the opportunities for students to become involved in research have expanded. For the 2012 graduating class, 71 students received degrees in Psychology, making that concentration the second largest among the life sciences at Brown. We encourage all students who are interested in the behavioral and brain sciences to explore the concentrations in CLPS and to contact the advisors responsible for each program. 

For students who wish to concentrate in Psychology, the Department offers both A.B. and Sc.B. programs. Concentrators take advantage of a wide range of course options, including courses in the major sub-disciplines of psychology (perception and cognition; personality, social, and developmental; and comparative/ physiological psychology), quantitative methods, laboratory techniques, and senior seminars on specialized topics. The AB Concentration requires a total of 12 courses. The ScB concentration requires 17 courses, including additional science courses.  

One of the hallmarks of the undergraduate programs in Psychology at Brown is close collaboration between undergraduates and faculty members. Qualified undergraduates may work as teaching assistants in several courses. Students also have the opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of one of the faculty members in the department. Both AB and ScB concentrators can also take advantage of the Honors program, in which students work on a research project with a professor on a one-to-one basis for a full year. Honors students collaborate with their faculty advisor in all stages of the research process, from designing an experiment, to collecting and analyzing data, to writing a thesis, and giving an oral presentation on the research project. 

This website complements but does not replace the information provided on the CLPS Departmental website.  The CLPS site provides a complete description of the department, the graduate and undergraduate programs, and the faculty.   The advising site you are now viewing provides announcements, worksheets, FAQs, and other news that may not be suitable for the CLPS site.  Concentrators should also note that this site does not replace Brown's Advising Sidekick (ASK) site. Other information on all concentrations at Brown may be obtained at the Focal Point website. Typically, concentrators will first review the relevant material on all of these sites, especially the AB and ScB worksheets that help them develop a specific course plan.  They will then complete their worksheet, at which point their course selections will be submitted to their concentration advisor for review. Once the advisor gives preliminary approval to their concentration plan, students will provide all of the information that is required by the Registrar's ASK site.  This will include a personal statement summarizing their plan and a complete list of courses they will take for the concentration.

For students who are ready to submit or resubmit a Concentration Worksheet, go here.  You must be logged in under your Brown.EDU email to use the worksheet.